Here’s to Hallowe’en, and the official beginning of the Retail Christmas Season! (*sarcasm*)

Guess who didn’t get off her ass early enough to get a pumpkin? Yeeeah…
But I figure a squash is a squash, and the first jack-o-lanterns were carved out of turnips, so why not? Lucky the Basics market had a ginormous box of Acorn Squash for 50 cents a piece. So I got three…

These suckers were surprisingly hard to carve! They’re as thick as pumpkins, but much smaller, so carving through them was tricky. But they looked cute, I think, in a spooky way.

And Wembley got into the Hallowe’en spirit. She got her ballet on, as you can see…

Off to teach some kids to make noise with their feet. I’m out.


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