What kind of winter is THIS?!!

We received a post-Christmas, pre-My-Best-Friend’s-Wedding miracle of several inches of snow. This was paired with the miracle of my voice functioning sufficiently to allow me to sing (pretty darn well, too!) at the ceremony, despite my muteness the day before. But now the snow is all gone. Seriously. There is NO snow, anywhere, that I can see. It’s been raining for two days. Everything looks craptastic. What is with this friggin’ weather? I’d be digging myself out from under snow if I were in Vancouver. ???!! WTF??!! Vancouverites don’t want my snow!! They live out there to avoid my snow, not to swipe it from me. I’m sure they would happily trade with me.

Boo. Fugly winter. And it’s damp, all the time, which is just chilling. Cold and damp and snowless and muddy. Boo.

Oh, yeah, and I’ve been knitting. I have one quasi-Fetching finished for the Father’s Wife, and half of one Knuck for the Father. I’ll whip them up today, and blog ’em.



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One response to “What kind of winter is THIS?!!

  1. Bezzie

    Oh how I’ve come to covet those nasty “cold” rainy days. Down here that mid 50’s crap and drizzle is the closest they have to winter. Suck!Knucks for him and Fetching for her–very clever idea. Can’t wait to see them!

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