UFO:Undeniably Finished Object, or, at long last!

The Kilt Hose


Pattern: from the article “A Better Sock from the Toe Up” by Ann Budd in the Summer ’07 IK, with cable patterns from: Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book, and The Girl from Auntie using the two-circ method. Adaptations for calf-increases are my own.

Materials: Phildar Preface in Cream on 2.5mm Aero circulars.

Cost: approx. $20 yarn and $7.50 needles.

This was a loooong knit, but worthwhile and oh-so rewarding. I used the middle eastern cast on and side increases on the toe, a simple 4X2 rib for the foot and a short-row heel. The Girl from Auntie‘s Simple Celtic Cable runs up the centre of the shin of the stocking, and the Hollow Oak cable pattern from VK up each side. There are double increases at the centre back to allow for calf-shaping, and the increases continue the ribbing pattern in kind. I switched back to the 4X2 rib a little earlier than I feel I truly ought, and continued in 1X1 ribbing for the section of stocking which lays under the turn-over cuff. The cuff is worked in smocking stitch (also obtained from VK) and it is a dream! I have designs on knitting something small and adorable for someone entirely out of smocking stitch. It’s just that. much. fun!

There are a few errors, little things that only I (or one of you eagle-eyed knitties!) would ever notice, but they fit perfectly (so exclaimed the groom when I spoke with him on the phone early on the day of the wedding!) and looked lovely and suitably fancy.



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3 responses to “UFO:Undeniably Finished Object, or, at long last!

  1. Those are breathtaking. Absolutely wonderful work – your brother-in-law must have felt wonderful wearing them. I’m really happy you had such a fantastic day. I’m beaming from just reading about it! Congratulations to your sister – and to you for the splendid stockings.

  2. They’re incredible. What a great gift for someone who is becoming a family member! Congratulations to your sister and her new husband.

  3. Bezzie

    Heirloom quality! It’s shame you’re only supposed to get married once 😉 Maybe he can break them out on their anniversary each year!

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