Another one, or, pr0n-less

Yup, another Friday sans-pr0n. Last week, I was just off the plane, terribly, horribly jet-lagged, and unable to see straight, let alone take artsy pictures of my yarn. The week before, I was in Russia, so a bit of an impossibility there. This week: the lack of sleep has caught up with me, and I’ve been headed to bed around 8 pm every night this week. Last night, the Husbeast was at choir (I can barely speak, so singing for two hours would be unwise at this point) and I was in pj’s and snuggled in bed by 7:30. Yup, right when they were warming up at the church, I was climbing into bed. I was knitting! But I was definitely ready for sleeping shortly thereafter. Also, I’m still battery-less in the camera-department. I must remedy that within the next day or so.

I have several days of trip details to right up, photos to mosaic, WIP’s to photo, and hours upon hours of sleep to catch up on. My plan is to go to bed this evening whenever the mood strikes, and then stay there as long as necessary to feel rested. Between the lack of sleep from the trip, the jet-lag, and my cold (FINALLY abating!) I’m just done right in. Hopefully, 12 hours of sleep or however much I get tonight/tomorrow will help the situation.

**Ever notice how many rather colloquial phrases force English speakers to defy the laws of grammar? It is, quite simply, next to impossible to use a phrase like “done in” without dangling a preposition at the end of the sentence. Perhaps my awareness of this fact is really my brain telling me to use more formal language and drop the colloquialisms. Meh.**


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  1. Paraphrasing Shaw (? maybe Shaw):This is the sort of thing up with which I will not put!

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