Finally, or, Trippy scarf


The Jaywalker scarf! My diversion and companion on my flights to and from Russia, and on the long bus rides during our stay. I finished it a week ago today, but hadn’t had the chance to photograph it properly until this afternoon.


Pattern: The Jaywalker scarf by Javajem
Yarn: Jitterbug by Colinette in colourway Jay
Needles: two 3.5mm 6″ bamboo dpns by Crystal Palace
Modifications: none. Mistakes, consistent. I misunderstood the instructions for almost all of the decreases, which resulted in the pattern not turning out quite as intended. What is most problematic is the result on the right-hand edge of the scarf. Independently slipping the first two stitches knitwise, and then knitting them together, rather than slipping them together, knitwise, and then knitting them together, resulted in some loose loopiness on that edge. And I do not like it.


So what can I do? Frog the entire thing and reknit it? Grrraawwrrrr…..

Regardless, the yarn is awesome, the scarf is a nice, easy knit, but not boring, and the finished object is lovely to wear. I just hate that edge.



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11 responses to “Finally, or, Trippy scarf

  1. Have you thought about single-crocheting around the edges of the scarf? That could neaten it up.Or, if you have the time and inclination, pick up stitches around the edge, and knit an edging?

  2. Jo

    I’m sorry to hear you don’t like it – the colours are beautiful.

  3. The colors are gorgeous. Wear it anyway, weird edge and all.

  4. If you hate the edge enough not to wear it, frog it and reknit.If you like it enough to wear it anyway, leave as is. It’s really just your preference. It looks like a great scarf!

  5. I second the consideration of the single crochet if you’re not happy. No way would I rip it though. It’s gorgeous!

  6. Bezzie

    Very nice!!! Wish I could help with the end–tuck it in your coat perhaps? Ha ha!

  7. It reminds me of a river and I’ve never seen one of those with perfect straight edges. Wabi sabi, hon.

  8. It’s beautiful! Maybe it’ll grow on you? I love the idea of the “traveling project” I did the same with a mini clapotis.

  9. Soo

    It looks gorgeous – the colour is fabulous. I think it looks great as is. But if you aren’t happy then I’d try the crochet or knitted edging before you frog.

  10. wow the colors are really pretty together. i like the scalloped edge.

  11. mel

    Isn’t it funny how something that others might never notice when an FO is worn can just bug the crap out of you as the knitter?I think the scarf itself & the colors are lovely enough (which is to say, very!) that I wouldn’t have noticed the edge if you hadn’t pointed it out. And those kilt hose – absolutely incredible!!!

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