There and Back Again, or, Bussy

I’ve been busy, but mostly, I’m bussy! Living in the ‘burbs, and working in the downtown core in a city with a serious problem with it’s road-way infrastructure (way too few lanes between the suburb I live in and the city proper), it only makes sense to take the bus. It’s ecologically responsible, too, which is always a nice aspect!


busstopThat’s a bus. That’s actually the bus that brought me home this afternoon. The Red and White Rocket, as one particularly gregarious bus driver likes to announce it over the bus PA.

<– I start out here. One bus, from that stop all the way downtown. No transfers is a nice luxury. Gives me ample time to read or knit without worrying about getting off and back on to another bus. Most days, the bus is the only motorized vehicle I set foot in. We have a car, but it stays home on work days. It isn't interesting, but it's how I get around.


Friends of ours are FINALLY getting married this weekend (it took awhile for the groom to accept this whole “getting married” thing). dressOctober in Ottawa generally means autumn, however, the forecast is calling for mid-twenties temperatures, so typical seasonal formal wear is a little out of the question. I haven’t been to a summer wedding in a while (lil’ sis’s doesn’t count as I was a bridesmaid) so I need to acquire me a dress in short order. A little empire waisted number in this fabric should work, don’t you think? The spots are actually much pinker than they appear in this pic (nothing like taking pictures under compact florescents at night!) and on a just-off-white ground. Almost breaks the “no white at a wedding” rule, but I think it’s polka-dotted enough not to be a problem.



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2 responses to “There and Back Again, or, Bussy

  1. Bezzie

    Eco responsible not to mention all the interesting people you see. Bus riding is great for people watching.

  2. Jo

    I think that polka dot fabric is adorable – let’s see the whole dress when you are done 😉

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