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Oh, boo, or, Rain

Quite in keeping with the season, but still rather drab and grey. I actually quite like rainy days…at home, with a cup of something hot and my puppy and some knitting. Instead, I am in my office, pretending to work, chilly because the a/c is too cold, fighting the urge to sleep. How many weeks left before I get to stop coming in? I think about three (just checked my calendar in Outlook: maybe two!!) and not a moment too soon.

Completely unrelatedly: how is it that I keep hearing about pets getting into mouse and rat poison? Not bait, laid out to get the little critters, but boxes of the stuff? We had to take Wembley to the doggie Urgent Care when she was just a baby: she’d jumped off The Man’s lap and bonked her knee into the floor, and was refusing to walk a day later. Very worrisome, though she was absolutely fine, it turned out. Just a wuss. Anyway, while we were there, a family brought in their little dog who had eaten rat bane up at the cottage. And just today, I read about some dogs getting into mouse poison. I can’t imagine keeping poison in my possession, period (but I’ll grant you, I have never lived with a mouse or rat infestation, so I can’t truly appreciate what that must be like) but I particularly cannot fathom keeping poison accessible to little animals who are not the intended victims. Maybe the ease with which such deadly chemicals can be purchased, and in highly secure containers like cardboard boxes (I always like to keep my deadly chemicals in the equivalent of a cereal box, don’t you?) contributes to a general forgetting of just exactly what these chemicals actually do. It isn’t pretty. And it’s not for puppies.


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Cotton baby, or, Tiny Fan

baby knits mum

About a month ago, The Man and I were over at my Mum’s for dinner and she told us she had something for us. She had knit our little Bean this tiny outfit! It’s knit out of Bernat Cottontots, and so soft!! I’ve thought it felt awfully nice in the skein when I’ve seen it at Michael’s, but wasn’t sure what it would look like knitted up. Well, it’s lovely knit up, and just as soft as it’s seemed skeined up.

The Man is a huge – HUGE – Seahawks fan, so Mum embroidered a logo on the cap, since he is adamant that our kids will be football fans, too. It isn’t that he’ll insist, just that they naturally will. Regardless, the jacket and bottoms are beautiful and so very soft.

I can’t wait to see them on a little person.


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Another one bites the dust, or, *sigh*

I never actually bought or knit anything from The Garter Belt, but I did enjoy seeing the different selection of patterns on their site. I find that – even of e-zines whose designs don’t necessarily appeal to me – seeing the variety of possibilities involving fibre and two sticks is inspiring in and of itself. It is unfortunate, then, that The Garter Belt is no longer on the net.

Such a strange month, seeing the demise of Magknits, and now The Garter Belt, two rather long-standing online knitting mags and pattern sites. Still, few people can afford to leave their full-time job to devote all their time to an online publication; most sites are labours of love and devotion, not particularly money-making ventures, so who, then, could honestly blame anyone for choosing to discontinue a site if the time needed to maintain it is simply no longer available?*

Sadly, I remove The Garter Belt link from my sidebar, while wondering what online knitting site will next garner our interest and our favour.

*I have not heard/read any blame associated with the sad demise of The Garter Belt, which is nice and quite refreshing; all the ladies involved in keeping The Garter Belt on the net seem like truly lovely people, so I’m relieved that there seems to be no animus associated with the site or its being shut down.*

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Grrr, or, Now why did I do that again?

If you look at any of the images in my posts, you will notice that the text butts right up to the 1 pixel border on the inserted images. For some reason, some time last year, I altered the coding of my site to make it do this (why, I have no idea, because I’ve never really liked it). Now I want to add a little space, and cannot, for the life of me, recall what I initially changed to make it look like this. Anyone have any ideas?

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Examination, or, All Checked Out

Wembley went to the vet today! She hadn’t been in, um, awhile. *lowers head in shame* Yes, we were a little negligent for the last year and a half, but she’s been perfectly healthy, so, all things considered, it wasn’t too bad. She was weighed (just over 10 1/2 lbs) and fawned over by the techs and assistants and the vet. Everyone loved her. And she was so well behaved! She was quiet and happy and co-operative; it was a little like how it must be to have a “good” dog! The vet told us she has very bad tartar on her teeth (which we’d noticed) and told us to use an electric toothbrush on her, which should be…interesting. Maybe I’ll set up the camera to get it on video: I’m sure it will make for hilarious viewing, particularly for the cat owners!

Wembley bed The vet commented several times on what a good job we had done with her in regards to her temperament and her behaviour, and we sort of looked at each other and thought: “Huh??” The next time she gets obnoxious or loud, I’ll have to remind myself that I haven’t actually totally failed to raise my puppy properly. The vet referred to her as being of a fairly “bossy” breed, so I think the fact that we have as much control as we do must be rather an accomplishment!

She got her shots, and her heartworm meds for this year, and we got all the information on having her spayed, because no, we haven’t had her scooped out yet. She’s very much an indoor dog who gets all her real exercise tearing around the house, so the opportunity for accidental puppies to happen would be pretty limited, and next to impossible. Still, we definitely want to have her done. Not cheap!! But then, if we wanted a cheap pet, we would have gotten a goldfish. Maybe a gerbil. But you can’t do this with a goldfish.


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Advantages, or, Rotund

Yesterday afternoon, The Man was in a rush to get to a dinner meeting for this youth group thing he helps out, and asked me if I could walk the dog. Then he rephrased, and asked if I was physically capable of walking the dog. “I mean,” he says, “could you pick up poop?” And I stopped and thought about it, and realised that, yeah, actually, that might be a little difficult now. When we had a foot of snow on the ground, and she was climbing up snowbanks (as she loves to do) it was no trouble, but now…it would certainly be tougher! I could, but since it’s so much easier for him, I let him have that privilege. 🙂

If you can’t use a giant preggo belly to get out of scooping poop, there’s something wrong with the world!

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A little update, or, thoughts?

A few formatting changes to the blog. Whaddaya think?


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