Cotton baby, or, Tiny Fan

baby knits mum

About a month ago, The Man and I were over at my Mum’s for dinner and she told us she had something for us. She had knit our little Bean this tiny outfit! It’s knit out of Bernat Cottontots, and so soft!! I’ve thought it felt awfully nice in the skein when I’ve seen it at Michael’s, but wasn’t sure what it would look like knitted up. Well, it’s lovely knit up, and just as soft as it’s seemed skeined up.

The Man is a huge – HUGE – Seahawks fan, so Mum embroidered a logo on the cap, since he is adamant that our kids will be football fans, too. It isn’t that he’ll insist, just that they naturally will. Regardless, the jacket and bottoms are beautiful and so very soft.

I can’t wait to see them on a little person.



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3 responses to “Cotton baby, or, Tiny Fan

  1. So cute! I love the detailing with the embroidery and the double breasted buttons!

  2. Oh how sweet! What a cute little outfit. It’s always an honor to receive a knitted gift from someone else. Especially when they know you’re a knitter!

  3. I just noticed the very kind comment you left me. Thank you; I’m quite touched.What a lovely little sweater! It sounds as if you’re glowing. Enjoy this season of expectation.

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