Will you look at that, or, Teeny Tiny

Actual knitting!

I began knitting these waaaay back in the early summer, thinking that they would be just darling for Peanut to wear. Unfortunately, my gauge estimate and entirely slow progress on them conspired to have her grow out of them long before they were completed. Peanut has a new little cousin arriving on Monday, however (we will not discuss my position on unnecessary, scheduled sections at this time. Needless to say: I have opinions about them and bite my tongue around SIL) so she (sonagrams imply that the cousin will be a girl) will be gifted these upon her arrival.

booties booties2

Pattern: Saartje’s Booties
Yarn: Jawoll Superwash Sock in Dark Brown
Needles: 2.0 mm, I think
Mods: none



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2 responses to “Will you look at that, or, Teeny Tiny

  1. Bezzie

    Yeah I used to have positions about that too–but you can’t really cast stones until you’re IN those shoes 😉 But speaking OF shoes–those are darling!!

  2. Oh, no, Bezzie, yours was a very different situation! Some babies just refuse to come out!

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