Nerdling, or, The Traveller

Did I ever mention that I’m a total nerd? Well, I am. Big-time. Like, there-are-maybe-five-episodes-of-Star-Trek:Next-Generation-I-haven’t-seen kind of nerdy. I don’t own memorabilia or shirts or go to conventions or anything, but I have watched a LOT of Star Trek.

Penny Karma’s recent post inspired me to share with you the day I outed myself to anboyfriend.

I had just gotten to his place and he and his roommate were watched ST:NG (see, 21 yo boys don’t need to pretend that they don’t like ST:NG; they can be all open about it). And then-BF says to the roommate “That’s The Traveller, right?” referring to an alien creature on the screen. Before I could think, I said “No, The Traveller is more human looking and greyer.” Jaws hit the floor, and I was mortified at what I had just done.

Slowly, the boyfriend and roommate turned away from the screen to look at me as I stared shame-faced into my lap.

You watch Star Trek??” they exclaimed.


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