And still quicker!

I’m piggy-backing (The Man pointedly says “stealing”) someone else’s wifi, but I’m not a scoundrel, so this will be very quick indeed.

We’re in the new house. It’s great. It’s chaotic. The entire contents were moved in in less than three hours, but considering it wasn’t packed properly, with care and organization, it’s a mess. We have found all the parts to the stereo, though, and the kitchen is more or less organized, so things continue to improve.

Cable guy should be here on Saturday, so until then, I’ll be scarce. Tomorrow promises a long walk to a friend’s house to grab some mail, some grocery shopping (all our perishables and edibles were left behind, so we have literally nothing) and then, surprise! more unpacking.

I hope to post again soon with pictures and fun.

Keep on keepin’ on.


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