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Another dress for Peanut!

I’m actually updating! Wow!  Still no knitting, I’m afraid.  For awhile there Peanut was going to sleep in the evening, and I’d knit for a few hours before she woke up for her first dream feed.  The last bunch of weeks, though, she’s been finding 8-11pm a particularly fun time of day.  Lots of playing, lots of smiling and laughing and climbing of stairs, but not a lot of sleeping, so certainly no knitting for me.

There’s been sewing, though!  I am so extremely pleased with this dress, I can’t even tell you.  It’s a little massive on her, and given her increasingly slow growth (what can I say, she takes after me) it will likely fit her for the next year…at least.



It’s brown twill with rudimentary applique of flower petals and leaves.  The cotton prints for the petals and leaves were included when I ordered some totally awesome print corduroy for another dress for her (I’ll have pics of it…someday!) and I was thrilled to come up with a way to use these little quilting squares.  It’s the same simple A-line drafted pattern I used for her first twill dress, but with one buttoned shoulder instead of snaps on both.  The contrasting stitching is a variegated thread I found in a $1 bin at the fabric store, and it’s just fantastic around the trim and for the topstitching on the applique.  I adore this dress, and plan to make many, many more like it.  And yes, I plan to open an Etsy shop to list them.  🙂
Just because I think she’s cute, here’s one more:



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