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What a lovely Easter we’ve had! This was Peanut’s second Easter, but the first where we could really start building family traditions for this season.  So on Friday, after a beautiful Good Friday service at church, we dyed eggs.




Saturday we had a family dinner with The Recruiter’s side of the family.  Peanut showed off her newly developed interest in food and her talent at drinking from a cup and enjoyed her brand new outdoor shoes.  I will confess that we bought her shoes with squeakers in them, purely in the hopes that they will encourage her to walk since she is so reticent to actually do so (it isn’t a question of ability: she’s perfectly able, just rather unwilling).  And by golly, it’s working!  The weather has been stunning this weekend – sunny and in the mid-20’s every day – and Peanut has been repeatedly demanding to go outside, leading me by the finger to the door and insisting that we go out for walks on the street.  Who could resist?  And she seems quite driven to walk and make her shoes squeak.  Soon she may be willing to walk without holding onto my finger!

Sunday morning we had our first egg hunt.  While I bathed Peanut (warm nights make for sweaty toddler hair) The Recruiter hid the eggs. Then, when Peanut was dressed in her most springy, glorious dress, we hunted for eggs.  She was so dear, padding around the living room in her bare feet and her party dress, holding onto the handle of her little basket.  I just wanted to sing, it was so lovely.


Then it was off to church for our Easter morning breakfast.  The hall was packed with people! Peanut nursed through much of the meal, then sat on my lap and nibbled a hot cross bun before I had to run upstairs to rehearse with the choir.  We processed into the sanctuary at 11 and the place was – truly – gloriously filled.  The pews were just full of spring clothes, families of every age, and people of every shape and colour and genesis.  It was divine.

Even the walk back to the car afterward in the sunshine was perfectly wonderful.




Happy Easter and a glorious spring to you all!

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