Birthday prep

Have you seen those Telus commercials with the animals?  Particularly their most recent campaign?

Well, Peanut loves them.  Adores them.  We don’t watch any children’s programming, so she doesn’t really pay much attention to television the majority of the time, but when those ’60’s tunes start rockin’ and that hippo starts frolickin’ she howls with glee.  “Po-po! Po-po!” she cries: it’s awesome.

Peanut will be celebrating her Second Birthday on Wednesday, so The Recruiter and I have been discussing what gifts might be best for our girl.  As you may have noticed, I like to get crafty, particularly for special occasions, so I took my cue from Peanut’s newest obsession and came up with…


The Recruiter and I are pretty in love with this shirt.  But here’s where I ask a question of you: does it need a nose and a mouth?

More birthday garments to come!


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