What a few days sickness brings

A rather unpleasant – but not really serious – cold made its way through our home over the past week. First Peanut had it, leaving her nose raw and sore and a week later, she still has a bit of a cough. Then I got it. On Friday night, after Peanut was in bed, I looked at The Recruiter and said, “My throat feels funny. I think I might be getting sick.” The next morning I woke up and I was positively miserable. Exhausted, congested, coughing and feeling entirely run down and wrung out. So The Recruiter hung out with Peanut all day while I stayed in bed. He brought me food, made an emergency bagel run for me, made me my iced tea just the way I like it (4 decaf Earl Grey tea bags to 3 qts water, 4 tbsp sugar and 2 tbsp lemon juice) and was generally awesome. I napped, I read some Ina May, and I knit while watching an inordinate amount of Buffy. Because that’s what I do when I’m sick. Sue me. 🙂

Sunday wasn’t much better. Initially, I actually felt worse, though things improved as the day went on. Another day in bed, another day of knitting. And this is what I have to show for it:

Katharine Hepburn cardi back

Yes, that’s the same Katharine Hepburn cardi that I cast on waaaaay back in April of last year. I hadn’t even finished the first piece – the back piece – before this weekend. Yeesh. But it’s done now and it looks good! Then I did this:

Katharine Hepburn cardi front #1

At first I despaired: I have no idea where the size of needles I need for the ribbing is, and my crafting room is an utter disaster and I’m just too sick to find them! But I poked through one box for about 30 seconds and found them. Serendipity, I tell you. So I’ve cast on the front right section and I’m already into the armscye. Nice.

Every time I come back to this knit I remember why I’m enjoying it so much. I really look forward to wearing it – and I’m hoping that it will fit fairly soon post-partum, at least hanging open – but I’m quite enjoying the process, too. The pattern is interesting and challenging enough that I’m not bored, but also predictable enough that when I can concentrate on it, it sails along. And knitting with Louet Gems is just…ah! It’s blissful. That is some great yarn.

And what does an almost 8 months pregnant woman with a bad cold look like, you might ask? She looks like this:

33.5 weeks

Not exactly my best, but tolerable. My dreads are looking pretty dready these days, which is nice, and as round as I am, I’m not actually wearing any maternity clothes in that picture at all. Size M t-shirt, size S sweatpants and a size XS cardi that hasn’t zipped up in many, many weeks. I love stretchy clothes!

And lest my darling husband post some snark in the comments about neglecting to include Peanut in a post – since it’s all about her, ya know, as any almost-three-year-old will tell you with surety – I offer you a picture of her “plane”. It’s an airplane. And it flies. Or so I was told many times as it zoomed around our apartment. Then she insisted that I take a picture of her plane. Now I share the plane with you.

34 weeks this week: it could be as few as three weeks before we meet this person and I see my toes again!

hey, toes!


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