the urban family

We live downtown. I mean, right downtown. And we love it. Part of what we love about it is our proximity to all the little happenings in the city. Evenings notwithstanding, our city streets are lively and active and there are things to see and do on almost any given day or week.

This past weekend the Glebe held a little street event. So we decided to head down for a little urban family fun.

The best part of the event in the Glebe was not the activities planned for small children but a skateboarding competition. Peanut, you see, adores skateboarding. She sees it pretty routinely in a local park and thinks it is just awesome. So we checked it out.

glebe streets 4

glebe streets 3

She loved it. Also, there were balloons.

glebe streets 1

Bubby was less interested in the skateboarding and focussed more on licking the wrap I was wearing her in and just generally being adorable.

glebe streets 2

Good times.


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