An autumn afternoon at the arboretum

A friend recently posted a photo on Facebook of the green, vibrant campus of a Florida university. “When I see pictures of Florida,” I commented, “I think, ‘I live in Ottawa because…?'” Summer is decidedly over, here. Some days, though, remind me why we enjoy life here.

We took an outing yesterday afternoon. An honest-to-goodness, physically active and educational outing. Ottawa has an urban farm, the Central Experimental Farm, and it includes a sizeable arboretum. It’s 26 hectares, which is about 64 acres making it around 1/13th the size of New York’s Central Park, but it’s large enough to be quiet and calm and get a good stretch of the legs.

Autumn in Ottawa being what it is, it was a gorgeous afternoon. The fall foliage was colourful but still mostly in the tree-tops, but the unseasonably warm weather made it a perfect day for running around outside.

We watched mallards on Dow’s Lake.

collage 1

We walked. We ran. We followed some dogs around. We climbed on large rocks.

collage 2
We enjoyed the sunshine.
Bubby was there, too, of course.
mommy and scarlet
Before we left, she needed a nurse. 
I asked Peanut where we should sit. “Which tree should we sit under?” I asked her. 
“Under the yellow tree.” Hickory it was.
hickory tree
I love this city. And I love my girls.
glynis portrait


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