6 months old

Bubby is two days into the second half of her first year. She is such a blessing! She is an unbelievably happy and joyful soul. Most days she is simply awash in smiles.

6 months old
Look at those cheeks! At 17lb she’s a strong and healthy little munchkin. And on nothing but Mommy’s milk. We’re so wonderfully made.

6 months old
She’s definitely getting ready to crawl. She  s l o w l y and invisibly creeps around the floor. We’re not sure how she does it, exactly (some heretofore undiscovered form of baby peristalsis?) but she’s looking to move, that’s certain. She pushes up into upward-facing dog with strong, sure arms. As soon as she gets her knees under here, she’ll be off and away.

She is dearly loved. Everywhere we go, someone will comment on how happy she is and how social and interactive. I like to think that all the loving she receives throughout every day has played a role in that. She never goes long without kisses or hugs from someone. Who could resist that little dumpling? Most mornings I wake to Peanut leaning over me, gently stroking Bubby’s hand as she sleeps and cooing, “My tister…my tister baby…”

6 months old


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