Baby, in lieu of thinking

We’re currently enjoying the company of a cold. Common it may be but it still sucks the life right out of a person. So far only Peanut and I have it and I’m crossing my fingers that neither Jon nor Bubby come down with it (I’m also engaging in a lot of handwashing and calling out “Don’t touch your sister’s hands! Keep your hands off her face!” in an effort to keep our germs to ourselves). In lieu of a proper post with, you know, coherent words and thoughts and reflections and stuff, I’ll ply you with pictures.

Bubby’s been lunging at food and staring – particularly at Peanut – while we eat while making chewing motions. Oo-kay, time to give baby some food! Roasted sweet potato wedges it was, since the samosa of Peanut’s she was attempting to snag seemed sort of unwise, especially since it’s covered in nice, gluten-y dough.

I think she enjoyed it. She seemed perplexed, but not unhappy. But hey! I’m just happy she’s willing to taste stuff before her second birthday, unlike some older sisters of hers who we won’t name (*cough*Peanut*cough*).

And I made Bubby a hat. I think it may have been a mistake. I may have inadvertently made our baby too cute. Whatever will we do?



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